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* [OSS-Tools] [dt-utils] Release 2019.01.0
@ 2019-01-28 13:04 Roland Hieber
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From: Roland Hieber @ 2019-01-28 13:04 UTC (permalink / raw)
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I've just released version 2019.01.0 of dt-utils [1]. Highlight of this
release is the harmonization of the barebox-state implementation with
upstream barebox, thanks to Ulrich Ölmann for working on this!


This release includes contributions from Andrey Smirnov, Antony Pavlov,
Daniel Schultz, Enrico Jorns, Ian Abbott, Juergen Borleis, Ladislav
Michl, Lucas Stach, Michael Olbrich, Philipp Zabel, Roland Hieber, Sam
Ravnborg, Sascha Hauer, Ulrich Ölmann, and Uwe Kleine-König. Thanks to
all contributors!

* libdt: fix leaks of memory returned by read_file() calls
* libdt: xzalloc: die on failure, like the similar-named kernel function
* libdt: add of_property_write_string() as a convenience function to set
  a property to a string
* libdt: add dev_set_name() as a convenience function to set a device's
* state: harmonize our implementation with upstream barebox:
  - Fixes:
    . backend_bucket_circular: fix the case when write size is not a
      power of 2
    . backend_bucket_circular: fix length check when reading old state
    . backend_bucket_circular: fix two memory leaks
    . backend_storage: don't refresh the storage needlessly
    . fix error return value when state_new_from_node() cannot resolve a
    . fix use-after-free in state_backend_format_dtb_pack()
    . make finding the backend node more robust by using its
      reproducible name
    . remove checks for xzalloc() returning NULL, which cannot happen
    . do not complain about missing backend-storage-type, which is
      irrelevant for mtd devices
  - Potentially breaking changes:
    . make pointing to the backend using a phandle the only supported
    . state nodes without an alias in the /aliases/ node now lead to an
      error. barebox already creates a missing alias in the fixupped
      device tree automatically since v2017.06.0.
    . refuse to set the read-only 'dirty' state variable
    . remove unused arguments from state_new_from_node()
  - New features:
    . add new 'init_from_defaults' state variable to allow detection
      whether a state has been initialized from default values, i.e.
      state_load() failed.
    . add an internal variable to protect existing data in a state
      bucket and make updates of the
      state implementation more robust
    . add new function state_read_mac() to read a MAC address from state
    . notify when the old state format is detected (this was previously
      a debugging message)
    . provide an error message when an error occurs in
    . add more debugging messages
  - port several changes to barebox's fixup functions, but since device
    trees are already fixupped at boot time, this code is never used by
  - some further minor refactoring as well fixing some typos and
    documentation comments

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Pengutronix e.K.                  | |
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Amtsgericht Hildesheim, HRA 2686  | Fax:   +49-5121-206917-5555 |

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