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* [OSS-Tools] [dt-utils] Release 2021.03.0
@ 2021-03-26 21:19 Roland Hieber
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From: Roland Hieber @ 2021-03-26 21:19 UTC (permalink / raw)
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after a much too long time (sorry for this), I've just release dt-utils
version 2021.03.0. You can download it at the usual location:

The file checksums are as follows:

* MD5:    acf0b5e3b18e40e6172b67fbad2e52fb
* SHA1:   d505643ff8c690bde8e89be81b2718e6cbf2eace
* SHA256: 36a56924e356250988315cd8761fde52832e6d4934323aca2827ff93fa12907f

This release includes contributions from Ahmad Fatoum, Andrey Smirnov,
Enrico Jorns, Jan Luebbe, Jan Remmet, Jookia, Juergen Borleis, Kim
Christensen, Lucas Stach, Roland Hieber, Sascha Hauer, Stefan Agner,
Steffen Trumtrar, Ulrich Ölmann, Uwe Kleine-König and Xogium. Thanks to
all contributors!

Possibly breaking changes

* commit a6ca873a368d "Don't install a pkg-config file for libdt"
  libdt isn't supposed to be installed as a system library as nobody
  wants to care about things like a stable API. Also the generated .pc
  file was completely bogus as it added "-labc" to the linker instead of

* commit 2dbca4c3284b "state: keep backward compatibility"
  This changes barebox-state's default behaviour.
  Previous variants of the state variable set did not contain metadata.
  The read function in the 'direct' storage backend honors this, but the
  write function doesn't, which makes an update of the state variable
  set impossible.
  This commit introduces the new compile time option
  '--enable-state-backward-compatibility' to ./configure, which is
  disabled by default. If this compile time option is enabled,
  barebox-state will keep the storage in a format that can be read by
  barebox <= v2016.08.0 when writing variables into a 'direct' storage
  backend, or fail if this requirement cannot be guaranteed.

* commit d1e4783c0051 "follow the Developer's Certificate of Origin",
  commit 886f13aa31a6 "Makefile: add ./DCO to the dist tarball"
  (see files README and DCO)

New features

* libdt:
  - commit af85ab844b1d "libdt: support finding devices by partuuid",
    commit 9f3915824bc7 "libdt: support upper-case hexadecimals in value
    of partuuid property"
    This allows specifying partitions in devicetree that are actually
    not described in the devicetree to allow referencing them, e.g.:
        partitions {
            compatible = "fixed-partitions";
            #address-cells = <1>;
            #size-cells = <1>;
            state_part: state {
                partuuid = "21367da7-c51f-499f-9aad-e1f366992365";
  - commit 4826dcbce749 "libdt: enumerate amba bus as well"
    Make barebox-state usable on STM32MP1, which probes the SD/MMC host
    controller over amba, not the platform bus as most other ARM

* barebox-state:
  - add new options --quiet, --force, and --version
    . commit 52221e50b0df "barebox-state: complete cmdline options"
    . commit 15786485ab8b "barebox-state: add cmdline option "--version""
  - commit 74cd46affa37 "barebox-state: get devicetree from file"
    Adds an -i/--input argument to barebox-state to allow passing a
    devicetree as a file instead of using it from the system. This can
    be used for example on systems that do not use device trees (such as
    x86) but where we want to use a dtb blob for describing the state
    storage and format.
  - commit 0a75604bc61f "barebox-state: have the --set option to avoid
    writes if possible"
    Previously, barebox-state --set would always dirty the state when
    successful. Users seeking to conserve write cycles thus have to
    --get the variable in question first to check whether to write it.
    Make life of such users easier by having barebox-state support this

* dtblint:
  - commit 38d7af00e6cb "dtblint: check reset-gpio-active-high +
    reset-gpio for matching polarity"
  - commit 8498644efe82 "dtblint: add support for fsl,imx6dl-iomuxc"
  - commit a75ea34157c5 "dtblint: fsl,iomuxc: improve check for reserved

Bug Fixes

* barebox-state:
  - commit 99918b8f3ad2 "barebox-state: fix usage of multiple state
    This makes concurrent calls to barebox-state with the following
    syntax possible:
    $ barebox-state --get blue.x &
    $ barebox-state --get yellow.y &
  - commit 634317cc9120 "state: backend_bucket_circular: fix double
  - commit ef7355cccc3a "state: Fix lseek error check in
  - commit d59af7f22ab4 "state: Fix lseek error check in
  - commit f234f3ec9498 "state: Fix lseek error check in
  - commit b85142e1cbd4 "state: Fix lseek error check in
  - commit a1fe3159ca2a "state: check length"
  - commit b548f61a0460 "state: backend_bucket_circular: mark block as
    bad if mtd_peb_torture() failed"
  - commit fd48fe4efb40 "state: use /run to store lockfile"
    The old location /var/lock is considered legacy, and might no longer
    exist on all systems.

* dtblint:
  - commit 1ec150f6927f "dtblint-imx-pinmux: fix wrong table entry"
  - commit 218b148b284c "dtblint-imx-pinmux: fix another set of wrong
    table entries"
  - commit 186ff7702c66 "dtblint-imx-pinmux: fix swmux suggested values"
  - commit 5b58e1fc72e9 "dtblint-imx-pinmux: fix another set of wrong
    table entries"


* state: harmonise our code with barebox
  - commit 6ae166207bc8 "common: align declarations of dev_add_param_*()
    functions with barebox"

* several smaller bugfixes, typo fixes, and cleanup:
  - commit 0cd8a9b06523 "of_get_devicepath: again correct comment"
  - commit 8c3b39c89307 "barebox-state: fix error message"
  - commit a927ee527036 "state: fix typo"
  - commit 9106360a3c85 "barebox-state: remove declaration of
  - commit e210e3b79be8 "barebox-state: remove unused variables"
  - commit 338b9962e28a "keystore-blob: remove unused variable"
  - commit 949bab33700e "base64: remove unused variable"
  - commit fc86ad03b4dc "base64: remove duplicate ‘const’ declaration
  - commit 89d033284cb6 "state: fix formatting of "off_t" variables"
  - commit 5588a6c32d54 "state: fix formatting of "uint32_t" variables"
  - commit 4bfd158f068d "remove leftovers from libabc skeleton"
  - commit baee943b2c98 "state: drop unused code and declarations for
    non-existing functions"
  - commit 20fb10ce5d55 "state: backend_storage: harmonize code with
  - commit e267c877e2ee "state: harmonize code with barebox"
  - commit 1aeb1e4fdff0 "state: harmonize code with barebox"
  - commit 81c542966f99 "configure: remove build time option
    (which wasn't used anywhere)
  - commit 8874600851ac "configure: remove build time option
    (which wasn't used anywhere)
  - commit 5f1eb84d2364 "configure: update repository URL"

Roland Hieber, Pengutronix e.K.          |     |
Steuerwalder Str. 21                     | |
31137 Hildesheim, Germany                | Phone: +49-5121-206917-0    |
Amtsgericht Hildesheim, HRA 2686         | Fax:   +49-5121-206917-5555 |

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2021-03-26 21:19 [OSS-Tools] [dt-utils] Release 2021.03.0 Roland Hieber

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