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* [OSS-Tools] [dt-utils] Release 2023.08.0
@ 2023-08-01 10:28 Roland Hieber
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From: Roland Hieber @ 2023-08-01 10:28 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: oss-tools


I've just release dt-utils version 2023.03.0. You can download it at the
usual location:

The file checksums are as follows:

* MD5:    ba7ed63c6e9bfc9c39e090c3bc1fb8c2
* SHA1:   e7cb21e9b4dda104eefec98e632f255e6cdc68b0
* SHA256: 15cda6fdbaaf08711e55b49db4479f3af48660b812d8d587ec9b3fffaa13a0f7

This release includes contributions by Ahmad Fatoum, Alexander Shiyan,
Christian Eggers, Marco Felsch, Michael Olbrich, Roland Hieber, Sascha Hauer,
Ulrich Ölmann, Uwe Kleine-König, and Yegor Yefremov.

Possibly breaking changes

(none known)

New features

* commit f80d96b15978 "libdt: add support for barebox,storage-by-uuid" added
  support for specifying barebox-state backend nodes in the device tree using
  the 'barebox,storage-by-uuid' compatible. The similarly-named Barebox driver
  looks for a storage device matching the given UUID, and when found registers a
  new device for it. This makes it possible to use GPT and MBR partitions as
  state backends without re-stating their respective partition tables in the
  device tree.

* commit bfa8e8eab135 "state: automatically find state.dtb in the ESP"
  implemented auto-detection of device trees on the EFI System Partition in
  /boot or /efi (the usual ESP mount points on most Linux distributions).

* barebox-state can now auto-detect state partitions on GPT if they have the
  Partition Type GUID 4778ed65-bf42-45fa-9c5b-287a1dc4aab1, which corresponds to
  a feature merged in Barebox v2023.07.0 (see commits leading up to
  - commit 2bab30b7d653 "libdt: add of_property_write_strings support"
  - commit c4ea02e5fb6e "libdt: generalize of_find_device_by_uuid for scoped lookup of all UUIDs"
  - commit 7de908382bed "libdt: fix of_get_devicepath looking up sibling if device unavailable"
  - commit 03a6d0146f5a "state: backend: direct: open block device in read-only mode if possible"
  - commit 86233cfe9ba5 "libdt: factor out u64 sysattr parsing into helper"
  - commit c458361777ab "libdt: drop broken if-branch"
  - commit cff3f1c19d78 "libdt: factor out __of_cdev_find helper"
  - commit 7a71beff497e "libdt: use block device partition instead of parent if found"
  - commit 72970a627990 "state: align with barebox use of of_cdev_find"
  - commit 5059165acd2b "libdt: use of_find_device_by_uuid for partuuid lookup"
  - commit b32cb1c15c42 "state: allow lookup of barebox state partition by Type GUID"

* commit 0976c48731ef "state: add option to lock device node" implemented
  locking the device node directly via flock() in the barebox-state tool instead
  of writing a lock file to the /run directory. This helps on systems that don't
  have a world-writeable /run. Currently the behaviour is disabled by default
  and can be enabled by the ./configure --enable-lock-device option and the
  'lock-device' option in meson.

* Meson was added as a build system. The support is currently experimental, but
  the plan is to phase out autotools in the future, but for now the old way of
  building the project will stay in place. See the updated instruction in the
  README for how to build dt-utils and run the new unit tests.
  - commit bc6e5d24916f "Add meson as build system"
  - commit 4e7ad815b856 "meson: options: use defaults of type boolean for boolean options"
  - commit 6dc8b1a948cf "meson: set optimization level to -O2 by default"
  - commit fc97420e830c "Makefile: include meson files in the dist tarball"

* There is now an initial set of unit tests, see the README on how to run them.
  - commit e5c524875a91 "meson: add simple integration test"
  - commit be44af10aa91 "libdt: add CONFIG_TEST_LOOPBACK"
  - commit 69a223619e28 "test: add barebox-state loop block device tests"
  - commit 885bb2feac99 "test: add test case with non-existent /dev/file"

* All files now have machine-readable license and copyright information, and the
  project conforms to the REUSE specification (see <>).
  You can build a Software Bill of Materials in SPDX format by running the
  'reuse spdx' command.
  - commit 893c6c9f628f "treewide: add SPDX identifiers to files with GPL-2.0-only license"
  - commit c1880166d1e3 "treewide: add SPDX identifiers to files with GPL-2.0-or-later license"
  - commit af84fa465d69 "treewide: add SPDX identifiers to files with GPL-3.0-or-later license"
  - commit fa56be74c3bd "treewide: add SPDX identifier to file with Zlib license"
  - commit 6c7ccb22ea30 "treewide: add CC0-1.0 SPDX identifiers for trivial files"
  - commit 75b7b2bce1d9 "treewide: add GPL-2.0-only SPDX identifiers to files without license"
  - commit 95d6b5c4c95d "treewide: add trivial copyright headers"
  - commit 18416bd75b83 "DCO: add SPDX license information"
  - commit 681180373d82 "README: mention compatibility with the REUSE specification"

Bug fixes

* commit 81d5a909d690 "configure: pass -fno-strict-aliasing to GCC"
* commit 10743d54b420 "libdt: fix issues of external function without prototype"
* commit 6fd6d7ffff6d "libdt: use memcpy instead of strncpy"
* commit f4f3b62ad229 "barebox-state: fix use after free in error path"

* Bug fixes ported from Barebox:
   - commit 624ef0ec9a83 "state: backend_raw: fix ignoring unpack failures"
   - commit 39d574a4147e "state: backend_storage: deal gracefully with runtime bucket corruption"
   - commit 5944ccf83477 "state: treat state with all-invalid buckets as dirty"
   - commit 2524cbe1a879 "state: propagate failure to fixup enum32 into DT"
   - commit 74d1803dd3b2 "common: xstrdup: don't panic on xstrdup(NULL)"


* commit 5a9036656149 "libdt: only requires a partname for mtd"

General maintenance and housekeeping

* commit 1872584786ca "Makefile: add a helpful 'filesums' target"
* commit 50f7f71f81da "treewide: remove references to CREDITS file"
* commit b30a3162f2f9 "update README"
* commit 181479122870 "configure: improve state-backward-compatibility help text"
* commit 89701c0867eb "README: add link to lore mail archive"
* commit 783a1c00de61 "configure: fix state-backward-compatibility help text"
* commit 37a46daa6302 "sizes.h: remove unreferenced file"
* commit db54c5f4be08 "libdt: don't use old-style function definition"
* commit 6d60e2d68c1f "README: fix Git repository URL"
* commit 0b194c865e3f "README: clarify the need for "real names" with the DCO process"
* commit 3ed8bc213a82 "Makefile: include missing files in the dist tarball"

* Maintenance changes ported from Barebox:
  - commit b5ae056f25c5 "state: Remove duplicate incudes"
  - commit 78346955f4a1 "state: remove param member from struct state_string"
  - commit af4951b6f36a "state: remove param member from state_uint32, state_enum32, state_mac"
  - commit a761f9ba04d9 "state: remove unused function"
  - commit fb3452fca971 "state: add SPDX-License-Identifier for files without explicit license"
  - commit 5fb31b446022 "state: fix typos found with codespell"

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Steuerwalder Str. 21                     | |
31137 Hildesheim, Germany                | Phone: +49-5121-206917-0    |
Amtsgericht Hildesheim, HRA 2686         | Fax:   +49-5121-206917-5555 |

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2023-08-01 10:28 [OSS-Tools] [dt-utils] Release 2023.08.0 Roland Hieber

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